About Best Cellars

Best Cellars was established in 2001, serving the Norwegian market with a range of wines from Europe and the New World. We continue to grow at a healthy pace; we explore new regions and producers, taste new wines and meet and serve new clients every month. The wine business is evolving quickly, and we aim to be at its spearhead with equal parts energy and enthusiasm. Together with our producers we are both innovative as well as volume oriented.

Best Cellars offer a fantastic variety of wines from affordable ”house” style to unique and limited single variety rareties. We strive never to sell boring or predictable wine – only the best, and most exciting available at any given price.

Our expertise on the Vinmonopolet tender structure, has won us many new listings. We are a small company, almost like a family. Our employees work as a great team, supporting each other making the best possible job for our partners. We love challenges and cope with the stressful days with a lot of humor combined with passion. We have a very close and personal relationship with our partners, which we regard as our personal friends. The dialogue is straight forward and honest. We  are regarded as a modern, dynamic and a company for the future.

Who works in Best Cellars?

About the On-Trade market

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Here you can find the latest published tender plan from Vinmonopolet with tenders for launch January 2020, March 2020 and May 2020.

Would you like any additional information or find anything of interest, please contact vibeke@bestcellars.no



Tenderplan Norway 2020-01



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